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Morning Messages. Message 36."Blueprint or Template"/ The Team a travès Peggy Black

Morning Messages - Message 36
Blueprint or Template
The Team a travès Peggy Black

Cuando tenga la traducción del mensaje en español, la publicaré.
Si a alguien le apetece traducirlo y compartirlo aquí, sería fantástico!

All life forms on planet earth are held as a blueprint or template in the subtle realms. This energy grid, this matrix, the sacred geometry of the universe, the master pattern is held in the sixth dimension.

Each human being resides focused on planet earth in the third and four dimensions, however as a multidimensional being there are aspects of each human that also resides in the other dimensions. It is from the sixth dimension that the template of who you are in your present form is held. It is the sixth dimension which holds these master patterns.

The matrices of your reality are made up of the individual matrixes or energy grids coming together in a new form or weavings. Remember everything that exists here in form has a matrix. It is these energy fields, these matrices that form larger energy fields and hold the collective thought forms and beliefs of mass consciousness.

What you see and sense as solid and in physical form is only this matrix. It is from this matrix that all change within the human form can be made. The concept that everything is first energy vibrations before it is form has been taught by your sages and wise awake ones.

This is a message which reminds humans that they are more than just the body. They are a part of the divine unfoldment. They are multidimensional, existing on many levels and dimensions at the same time.
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